I am so grateful for John, his expertise, and the time he gave me during (and following) my home inspection. John's knowledge of homes, engineering, mechanicals, and maintenance was apparent. The report and the information John shared made me feel confident in my decision to purchase this particular home. In addition to alerting me to issues that could arise over the next several years of home ownership, as John did his inspection, he gave me tips and advice on how to maintain the home as I moved forward as a homeowner.

John’s inspection was thorough...I swear that he touched and inspected every inch of the house! The Home Inspection Report included photos and an extensive amount of information pertaining to the condition of the house. Each of the rooms, the attic, the basement, as well as the property’s roof, foundation, the home’s exterior & the grounds on which the house was located were inspected and outlined in a written report. Since the inspection, John has followed-up on multiple occasions to ensure that potential defects are addressed and that no detail goes unnoticed. Thanks to John’s inspection, I will move-into this home with more information than what the previous owner of 28 years has.

In addition to being knowledgeable and an expert in the industry, John is also kind, considerate, accommodating, and understanding. John made accommodations to inspect the property on a date and at a time that suited my schedule, he was sensitive to my worries and unique situation, and he addressed my concerns by going above and beyond what the typical inspector would do. In addition to providing exemplary service to customers via his work at Home Inspection Services, John serves the community via his involvement with youth programs and other charitable projects. I cannot say enough about John, his attention to detail, his expertise, or his character.

I’m grateful for John’s time, thoughtfulness, and expertise. I feel confident in his inspection and the thoroughness of the Home Inspection Report. I highly recommend John and Home Inspection Services.

Melissa Tanke

I feel so lucky to have been recommended John by my realtor! I'd been nervous about the age of the house I was buying (1880's), but John put me at ease immediately. He assured me we would look at everything, and we did! He took the time to discuss the items we found, suggest fixes to the smaller items, and make sure I was comfortable and understood what we were seeing. I never felt rushed and he answered all my questions. The report he provided was detailed, and included lots of pictures so that the findings were clear.

I cannot recommend John enough! He provides personalized customer service both during the inspection that continues once the inspection is complete. I would definitely use him again!

Christina VanGundy

John was great! He was so thorough, very friendly, and took the time to explain different aspects of the home inspection and how a home operated. He gave me his perspective on the house and explained everything in a way I could understand. I would highly recommend John and will definitely use him with any future home purchases! He really put my mind at ease during the home inspection step in the home buying process.

Gretchen Treml

John is very friendly and extremely thorough in his inspection. He takes the time to really look through the home and goes through every aspect. His report is very thorough and easy to understand. Would definitely recommend and use him with future home purchases!!

Cassandra Lee

I mentioned I was a first time home buyer, and John walked me through the home inspection findings with such a clear, patient manner that even a newbie like myself could follow. Afterward, he gifted me and my husband with a book covering the basics of home maintenance. His kindness warmed my heart and eased much of my anxiety regarding our first home purchase. It's nice to know professionals of his quality and heart exist in our community.

Sara Joy Dow

John was a pleasure to have in our new home! He was kind, thorough, and very detail oriented. He gave us great piece of mind to continue with our new home purchase and taught us the tips and tricks of our new property! Pricing is extremely reasonable and he was willing to travel!
We would highly recommend John and home inspection services!

Pam Schlosser Propp

Having John perform our home inspection was one of the best decisions we made during the entire process. We feel confident in our purchase as every single aspect of the home was gone over thoroughly. We even got some pointers on some things to take care of. As first time buyers we greatly appreciated his ability and willingness to take the time to explain every detail to us.

Saying we strongly recommend John doesn't really go far enough. If you're looking for a top level pro who will give you the best information possible on your home, then look no further.

John Slowik

John is amazing! He is flexible and thorough- he took his time to make sure to review every detail of the house to ensure we were aware of any and all issues, and even took his time to make recommendations on some small fixes. He genuinely cares that you find a good home and are fully aware of any problems/defects. As first time buyers we weren’t sure what to expect, but we ended up leaving the inspection so grateful that our agent recommended John. Can not recommend him enough!

Danielle McHugh

John's a real person who knows home inspection in and out as if he had decades of experience in construction (which he does.) He pointed out everything, explaining why it was good or bad, and if it could be improved, he had suggestions. He started out by assessing my level of DIY, then during the inspection spoke to my level. He encouraged questions and several times reminded me that if I had questions after the inspection, I was welcome to contact him.

My realtor (Julie Luettgen) recommended him, and I could not have been more pleased with her for this. I would hire him again in a hot second if I need another home inspection, and I'll recommend him to friends, family, coworkers, ... and you!

Lorie West